Saturday, November 20, 2010

An email to Francis Scarpaleggia


I am not certain whether or not I have written to you before regarding Bill C-49 specifically. I am very worried about it, particularly because of stories like this one from the gay and lesbian news:

So, whether or not I already petitioned you, this is such a serious situation that it warrants my writing to you again.

It is not illegal for people to do whatever it takes to escape the violence of systemic and state-sanctioned oppression. People have to sneak out of places secretly, often because their lives are in danger! Canada must not treat refugees as if they are criminals. Please take whatever action you can to support a more welcoming process for people who escape to Canada!

I am afraid that Bill C-49 may fall short of Canada’s international human rights and refugee protection obligations and will result in serious violations of the rights of refugees and migrants. The Bill must be withdrawn by the government or defeated at Second Reading. Similar legislative reforms should only be reintroduced if consistent with Canada's international human rights and refugee protection obligations.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Two things

How long has it been since I posted two things on one day?!

Here is the link to the David Suzuki Foundation's petition, to "Help prevent an oil spill disaster in the Gulf of St. Lawrence":

"The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a unique ecosystem that sustains several coastline communities and rich biodiversity. Tell the federal government to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil and gas development and prevent disastrous spills."


This article helped me understand why the mining ethics bill was defeated in the Canadian Parliament: