Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Trial of Anti-World Trade Organisation Arrestees

In July, 2003, approximately 238 people were arrested in a mass roundup by Montreal police in the Green Zone (a popular education space) during the protests against the World Trade Organization's Mini-Ministerial. Minors either had their charges dropped, or were ticketed. The remaining arrestees face the charge of "illegal assembly." There will be four separate group trials, a French trial for Montreal-area protesters, and three English trials, for Montreal-area anglophone protesters, for protesters from the Maritimes and USA, and for protesters from Ontario to BC. The French trial for Montreal-area protesters will begin next week, at the Municipal Court, from October 18th to the 22nd. Several protesters will be defending themselves against the charges, and will be actively making motions and cross-examining witnesses. Please support the WTO protesters, either with your attendance in court,or by offering a donation to offset legal expenses. For more information email or 514-409-2049.

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