Thursday, December 02, 2004

Two Environmental Actions

Action Number One

Two weeks ago Organic Bytes blew the whistle on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a proposed toxic chemical monitoring study on low-income children. The extreme toxicity of the chemicals are already known and many of them are already banned in Europe. Such a large number of people signed the Organic Consumers' Association (OCA) petition (50,000+) and forwarded it to their friends in the first 48 hours, that the OCA website server temporarily crashed and the EPA asked the OCA to stop the petition. The OCA will not stop until the chemical corporations are disinvited in having a hand in the biased study, low income families are no longer targeted, and consumers learn the truth about the dangerous chemicals. If you haven't already done so, please sign the petition at

Action Number Two

On Nov 18th, Greenpeace launched a crossborder campaign against Kimberly-Clark. Already over 1600 faxes have been sent to Kimberly-Clark headquarters demanding an end to ancient forest destruction. The response has been so great that the organiser received a voicemail from Kimberly-Clark representative who asked Greenpeace to change the fax number we all are sending to. They want to direct faxes away from the head office because it looks bad for the company. Greenpeace refused. So,if you haven't yet sent a free fax, please do so now:

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