Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vegan restaurants in Winnipeg

1. Mondragon. 91 Albert Street. 946-5241
2. Tall Grass Prarie Bread Co. at The Forks Market
3. Affinity Vegetarian Garden. 100-208 Edmonton Street. 943-0251
4. Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant. 1467 Pembina Highway. 477-1530
5. Organic Planet Worker Co-op. 877 Westminster Avenue. 772-8771
6. Organza Food. 664 Corydon Avenue. 453-6266
7. Punjab Sweet House. 86 Mandalay Drive. 633-1600
8. Yenat Ethiopian Restaurant. 330 Ellice
9. Massawa. 121 Osborne Street
10. Bread & Circuses Cafe on Corydon Strip


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim! - sol

Wayward Stef said...

Humboldt's Legacy also carries cool Vegan products. It's on West Minister near organic planet.

Good list though Tim.

Blair said...

Hey Tim- thanks for the list! Its got some old faves as well as a couple new ones for me to try!

Ivan Chan said...

The 'Peg looks happening Tim! Hey did you know Cafe Aquarius closed down but the other co-owner (the one not declaring bankruptcy) is opening up a new cafe somewhere else. Matt Soltys and three other people have collectively opened up a juice and smoothie bar downtown.

Vive la veganutione!