Friday, December 01, 2006

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Petition for a Review of Hog Production in Manitoba

Whereas, the Clean Environment Commission (
CEC) will investigate the environmental sustainability of hog production in Manitoba; and

Whereas, a moratorium on new and expanded hog barns will be put in place until the
CEC public review is complete; and

Whereas, 17 or so hog barn proposals are currently “in process” and at least one of these proposals involves the probable degradation of a local aquifer that supplies drinking water to the
Swan Lake First Nation and Town of Swan Lake; and

Whereas, source water protection plans are a cornerstone of Manitoba’s new
Water Protection Act and a key element in ensuring a communities healthy water supply; and

Whereas, OlyWest plans to build a slaughterhouse in Winnipeg capable of killing 2.25 million hogs per year and is currently going into a
CEC hearing process.

Be it resolved that, all hog barn proposals currently “in process” be immediately suspended and included in the moratorium, and that this moratorium include the suspension of the
CEC hearings called for OlyWest.

Be it further resolved that, the
CEC investigation for hog production be in the form of a full hearing, governed by the Manitoba Evidence Act and allow for motions, cross examination, powers of subpoena and participant funding.

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Rod Bruinooge
2855 Pembina Highway, Unit 27
Winnipeg MB R3T 2H5

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dear Rod Bruinooge,

My name is Timothy Schwinghamer. I am a graduate student at the Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba. I am very concerned about the cancellation of the
Court Challenges Program.

Equality rights and language rights for French and English minorities matter to everyone in Canada. They are entrenched in our
Constitution and they are a central part of what Canada stands for.

The Court Challenges Program is a key element of Canada’s justice system. The Court Challenges Program provides modest funds for test cases of national significance. Without the Court Challenges Program, most people have no access to their constitutional rights. Without it, rights are only meaningful for the rich.

The equality guarantee and the language rights in the Constitution should help minorities to be heard on issues that affect them. Cancelling the Court Challenges Program makes Canada a meaner, less tolerant society.

In the last election campaign the Conservatives promised that they would "articulate Canada’s core values on the world stage," including "the rule of law", "human rights" and "compassion for the less fortunate." Canceling the Court Challenges Program is not consistent with this promise.

Please show your support for human rights and restore funds to the Court Challenges Program immediately.


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