Friday, March 23, 2007

English translation of BellaCiao callout

Proposal of Gerard Streiff, Sarah-Jane Mellor, Luca Di Nella, Laurent Klajnbaum, Roberto Ferrario, members of the Council of countryside [Does "Conseil de campagne" mean something else?] of Marie-George Dresser.

The writer Cesare Battisti has been just stopped in Brazil. He is under the threat of an extradition in Italy.

Battisti had found asylum in France, profiting from an unwritten rule that grants the former Italian activists the protection of the French State, provided that they give up armed struggle. But the current French government called this commitment into question by delivering Battisti to Italy three years ago. In Italy, he would be condemned for perpetuity, without hope of any appeal [?!] The writer should not be extradited.

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