Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dear Gary Doer,

I am grateful to be informed, via "Province might cede East Side" by Gerald Flood in the Free Press, of the move within Manitoba's government to cede the East Side of Lake Winnipeg to First Nations People. I am very happy to learn that you may actually be doing something good for the Boreal Forest! I think investigating the archaeology and ecology of this land might help protect the forest from being clear-cut.

As you may be aware, our planet is being destroyed for want of carbon sinks such as the Boreal Forest. The Canadian Government, to my knowledge, has shown no leadership whatsoever, up until this point, with respect to the protection of the Boreal Forest. In fact, the Canadian Government has largely been responsible for the sale of areas of the Boreal (which ought to have been protected, for the well-being of us all), into the hands of natural resource transnational corps.

However, this recent concession shines! I would welcome the release of eastern Manitoba to First Nation government. It is finally time to recognize the genius of a people who can manage land to sustain their livelihoods over periods of thousands of years, where euro-colonials deplete the soil and render it all a saline desert over a time frame of decades.

You may encounter claims of overlapping territories, and in this respect I must advise you that territorial overlap is characteristic of powerful predatory animals (such as the mountain lion, and including humans). It is absolutely normal for groups of human beings to share some space in their territories, where the land is particularly abundant.

Please continue to cede the East Side to First Nations.

Thank you,

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