Saturday, May 26, 2007

People across the British Columbia were shocked by the 14 day jail sentence handed down to 71 year old native Elder Harriet Nahanee in January, 2007 for peacefully protesting while inside an injunction zone (on unceded indian land) at Eagleridge Bluffs. Harriet served 9 days in prison at a maximum security pre-trial facility. She had filed an appeal, but became gravely ill and died from pneumonia shortly after being released from prison. A petition that raises specific concerns surrounding Harriet Nahanee's sentencing is in circulation. It demands that our elected officials call an immediate public inquiry into the handling of this case. Please honour a very courageous native elder by reading the petition, signing it and passing the link on to others on your contact lists. The Supreme Court of BC must be held accountable for their actions in this case. It is the duty of our elected officials to ensure that a full and public inquiry is held:

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see this petition site being picked up by someone in Nova Scotia. As one of the protesters involved in trying to save Eagleridge Bluffs (W.Van, BC)from destruction, it has been a personal struggle to determine whether I should be more alarmed by the way our courts have dealt with protesters (by granting civil injunctions outside of the Criminal Code as a first remedy so that protesters rights to defend their actions in court are removed) or by our governments heavy handed decision making where public consultation amounts to little more than public meetings for PR purposes (here's what we're doing, would you like shrubs or trees to hide the scars). Clearly democracy is not working in BC. I hope visitors to your blog will follow the various environmental struggles in BC, particularly the Gateway initiative which promises to create more headlines for a government who talks of protecting the environment while barreling full steam ahead with economic initiatives that are totally unsustainable with no thought to the long term consequences for area residents and the world at large.