Sunday, January 20, 2008


Regarding the SPP, I have made notes in the past, they can be found by:

  • entering "SPP" into the little box on the top left of my blog's page, and clicking on the "search blog" button.
  • clicking on the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" label below this blog entry.

The Canadian Action Party's petition is accessible here, and here's the handout version. If you're on facebook, and a member of the Montreal facebook network, you can join the Montrealers Against the North American Union. The facebook group has links to videos and literature, but I haven't screened those, yet.

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Alex Balin said...

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We would like to draw attention to the matter of your community here and listen to the views of residents and the Caribbean islands of Dominica. We for our part are ready to place the project site information about your community, links to sites, etc.

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