Sunday, February 03, 2008

Emails between the Citizens Liason Committee and Mayor Morgan

[This post will be of particular interest to Cape Bretoners. As usual my own comments can be seen in green on the original blog page for this note.]

I thought you might like to read a correspondence between Paul MacDougall, the only confirmed member of the Citizens Liason Committee, and Mayor Morgan. The Mayor and Council had requested a meeting with the CLC, and sent a letter to Mr. MacDougall, since he is the only publicly known member. It's a real eye opener as to why concerns of citizens are not being heard... Take care...

From: Paul MacDougall []
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 5:27 PM
To: John W. Morgan
Subject: CLC Point Aconi surface mining operation

Mr. Morgan: It has resently come to my attention that either the c-a-s-m group or yourself and council were wondering if the clc would consider holding a public meeting sometime in the near furture. The questions that were E-mailed to me , read , as follows: Question # 1: Will the clc consider having a public meeting in the future? { Basically to inform what is going on at the site , how water is handled, what tests, frequency of blasts ETC.} Question # 2 Are any of the unknown members considering releasing their names? Mr. mayor , these questions were forwarded to me by Inspector Brad langil of the DOEL. Sydney. I did respond to him on this issue , but not at the lenght i am responding to you. He was not at liberty to reveal the name of the person or persons that put forth the questions . After seeing the last council meeting and reviewing the c-a-s-m website I can assume that it came from one or the other. I have choosen you to respond to on these questions and with respect as to who you show this E-mail to i really do not care. The answer to the first question is NO! To explain the reasoning for this answer allow me to point out some facts to you Mr. mayor. Fact: From the outset of the formation of the clc we have been relentlessly attacked by members of the c-a-s-m group . My co-chair was observing one of their protests at the site and was immediately recognized and was verbally abused so bad he felt for his safety and had to leave. After which one Richard Collis publicly called for a boycot of his place of employment. Fact: Some council members decided to jump into the fray and were making a few comments before we even got started on the job at hand. Fact: At a meeting I had with miister Parent, I was asked if there was room for another clc member so the minister could offer it to c-a-s-m to put one of their members on the committee. To the best of my knowledge they refused. Fact: Over the last two years they have escalated their process of attacking us, for example, I still have the bill for the vandalism done to the company vechicle i drive, I still have the two-inch screw nails that were thrown in my driveway putting both myself and my family and friends at risk. Fact : A contact number has been in place for one year now and there has been no effort on the oppositions part to make any kind of contact with me in a civilized fashion. Fact : The attacks in the media by the likes of Leroy Peach, Richard Collis, Sharon MacLeod and Kevin Sacary { Council} and a few more I could name has reached the point of being slanderous. { But that is for my legal council to determine} Fact : To Date It has been Pioneer Coal who has been following all the rules as layed out by our government with no devations at all to the conditions put on them. [No conditions] That info comes from making the effort to work with the company and the Gov. depts. involved in this. If you know it or not they are a contributor to the economy of the CBRM mr. mayor. I ask you sir , are these the actions of reasonable . rationable people? I think not! I Can go on Mr. mayor but I would be all day at this and with the few facts that I have given you I think you can understand why at this point in time I refuse to have a public meeting with either c-a-s-m or council. By the way Mr. mayor there are thirty + local people working there to date in very good paying jobs for the next seven to ten years. What will you say to them if and when the opposition puts them out of work? They are tax payers and supporters of the economy of the CBRM also. What about Pioneer coal itself , are they not paying taxes in the CBRM , are they not supportting local businesses in the area of supply and services, have they not been complying with the rules and regulations as layed out by our departments in government. Mr. Mayor a man of your caliber should be paying more attention to this and lookat it from all sides instead of just one. To conclude sir there will be no public meeting that I will attend until such time the the council and the c-a-s-m has a severe attitude change toward this CLC. Question #2 : After what you have read above sir do you blame those people for wanting to remain anonymous. The anonymity issue is not really an issue in my eyes. It is just their way of trying to find somebody else to harass and it will not work. These people have given their time and effort in this process to try and look out for their friends and neighbors and for that they would be harassed and abused . I for one refuse to expose them to what I personally have been threw. I look forward to your responce to this E-mail { If any } and if you would like to discuss it further in a one on one , feel free to contact me. With Respect: Paul MacDougall Chairman CLC Point Aconi Surface mine opertion

Letter from Mayor to Paul MacDougall‏:
Mr. MacDougall: Thank you for your e-mail in response to the questions posed during the most recent meeting of CBRM Council. I note your commentary that you do not oppose distribution of the e-mail to the individuals referenced in it and, thus, I have forwarded your comments to the individuals concerned. From my perspective, I want to emphasize my perception that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this region oppose strip mining of coal due to the environmental impacts which have been well-detailed. I am concerned that the secret committee may be providing a false impression to government officials that the community supports the actions of Pioneer Coal. I hope your committee will make it clear to the Minister that the municipal government and the citizens of this region oppose the actions of Pioneer Coal and also oppose any expansion of the coal strip mining operation to other locations within our region. I have noted that the provincial government discontinued similar operations in Digby in response to community opposition. It is regrettable that the provincial government does not respond to the wishes of the citizens of this region to have their environment protected in a similar manner. I do want to thank you for taking the time to respond to the inquiries during our Council meeting and I hope your committee will clearly communicate the opposition of the residents of this region to the strip mine during your meetings with the Minister of Environment and Labour. Mayor John W. Morgan Cape Breton Regional Municipality

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KimiK Gibson said...

Good luck. At least you received a seemingly positive response. It saddens me that the protest against Uranium mining in the Ottawa region failed utterly. My poor O-town valley. I sincerely wish you luck in this endeavor.