Friday, April 18, 2008

Letter to the Chronicle Herald

Although I’m writing to you from Montreal, my home is in Upper Leitches Creek, Cape Breton. I am writing with regards to Laura Fraser’s article ‘Citizens vs. strip mining: 'Civil disobedience only option left'. There is no question in my mind, since the premier receives campaign contributions from Pioneer Coal, he has forgotten and ignored the well-being of the island. If Cape Breton is to have any future at all, there must be a moratorium on open and near surface mining, a.k.a. strip mining.
Countless letters, from all over, have protested the destruction of the Cape Breton forests and hills, but the government is in the pocket of a few mainland-based natural resource profiteers.
Compared to monkey wrenching, civil disobedience is a less dangerous way to protect the environment and communities of Cape Breton from unregulated destruction. I agree with Elizabeth May's comments.

Timothy Schwinghamer, PhD candidate, McGill University

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