Thursday, July 30, 2009



Dear Mayor,

I am writing this letter because of the ongoing destruction in Guelph of the most valuable farmland and most specieis diverse ecosystems in Canada, i.e., Carolinian forest. You must do everything you can to put an end - once and for all - to the irresponsible conversion of natural space.

I am given to understand that Peter Cartwright came up to the HCBP site to deliver a notice for eviction of the protestors camping there. The people were charged with trespassing. In my opinion, it is the ongoing use of natural spaces in Canada for industry and development that ought to feel the weight of the law, and definitely not the people who do us all a favour by trying their best to protect the land, upon which, ultimately, we all depend.

Although I am in Montreal, at McGill University, safely conducting research in a lab, my heart is with the defenders of the land. I wish I could stand with them. I hope that you will sympathize, and do everything you can to stop the eviction of these protestors.

The Jefferson Salamander, an endangered species, inhabits the HCBP site. I know that concern for the wellbeing of living things rarely actually infringes upon the progress of industry in Canada. But in this case, I sincerely hope it does.

Respectfully Yours,

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