Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alliance Romaine's Fifty Marathons campaign

Running for our Rivers, is coming to Montreal Sunday September 27th 4:00pm-6:00pm, Café Fractal, Room SH-R380. 200 Sherbrooke Street West.

This will open your eyes to the controversial ways the electricity you use is produced! And what the people are doing to change that.

After 3 weeks of consecutive daily marathons, the runners are arriving in Montreal, our halfway point. As the traditional message runners of the past, they carry a message. They have accepted responsibility of relaying a message that has been given to them by the Cree of James Bay, speaking about the harmful social and environmental repercussions caused by aggressive hydroelectric development on their land. The message will be carried to the Innu on the North Shore who live with the Romaine river, the next river that Hydro Quebec wants to dam...
Coming to Montreal will mark an important moment. This message will have been successfully carried by foot for almost a thousand kilometers, to be voiced to the first large metropolis.
Speakers for the event will include Amir Khadir, MNA from Quebec Solidaire, a presentation by Fondation Riviere about their new energy campaign in collaboration with Nature Quebec, Daniel Green from la Societe pour Vaincre la Pollution will speak of local water issues, and members from Alliance Romaine. The event will be an eye opener to these important issues of Quebec energy, environment and ethics.

Sunday September 27th, at Café Fractal. Room SH-R380. 200 Sherbrooke West, corner Jeanne-Mance. 4:00pm-6:00pm.

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