Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sent: November 23, 2009 11:26 AM

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Honourable Jason Kenney,

I am writing to you regarding the case of Simo Sandrine Massudom, and to demand that you immediately grant her permanent residency status in Canada. Ms. Massudom has been living in Montreal since 2006. She is the mother of two children, one of whom is Canadian-born.

The case of Simo Sandrine Massudom demands your attention because she had been granted her Permanent Residency status before originally arriving in Canada. However, Sandrine found herself in an abusive relationship with her former partner, who also happened to be her main sponsor for their family-class application for residency in Canada. As a result, like many other women all over the world, she was forced to leave her violent ex-partner and come to Canada only with her young son Ange.

When she arrived in Montreal in 2006, her permanent residency status was promptly denied because she had come without her ex-partner. Sandrine then made the legitimate decision to apply for refugee status in Canada as a woman fleeing conjugal violence. Her refugee claim was later denied, and so she has been forced to live in Canada without status. This has made accessing basic services, such as health-care services for pregnant women, and education for her six year old son Ange, extremely difficult.

Sandrine and her family have tried their hardest to make Montreal their home and to make a meaningful contribution to their community. Her and her eldest son Ange are both fluent in French, and Ange has made many friends in school in Montreal. Sandrine and the father of her newborn child are trying to build a family and a stable life in Montreal.

Threatening the mother of a newborn baby and her family with deportation to Cameroon is completely unacceptable. I therefore would urge you to immediately cancel their deportation order, and grant the family permanent residency in Canada based on their Humanitarian and Compassionate claim for refugee status.

Thank you for your attention into this important matter.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

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