Friday, January 28, 2005

Kimberly-Clark is clearcutting the boreal forest

Kimberly-Clark, the largest manufacturer of tissue products in the world, is wiping away ancient forests in Canada to create toilet paper and facial tissue. Kimberly-Clark produces 3.7 million tonnes of tissue products annually including the well-known Kleenex brand of toilet paper, facial tissue, and napkins. Unfortunately, in North America, less than 19% of the pulp that Kimberly-Clark uses for its disposable tissue products comes from recycled sources. Much of the remaining pulp comes from ancient forests like the Canadian Boreal. In fact, most of Kimberly-Clark’s tissue products available in local grocery stores are made from 100% virgin tree fibre.

The Boreal forest is paying the price to create products that are used once and then thrown away or flushed down the toilet.

The forests of Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Foothills, home to threatened caribou herds, are being clearcut to provide Kimberly-Clark with pulp. Forests in other provinces, including Ontario’s 2.3 million hectare Kenogami Forest, are also being logged to supply inexpensive pulp.

Take action now at to stop Kimberly-Clark from clearcutting ancient boreal forests to create disposable tissue.

Greenpeace Canada and allies (like Wildcanada - Timothy) across Canada and the United States have recently launched a public campaign to stop Kimberly-Clark’s destruction of ancient forests. These groups do not believe that ancient forests, like the Boreal forest, should be destroyed to create disposable paper products. The Boreal forest, the largest ancient forest left in North America, is a 10,000 year old wilderness and home to billions of migrating birds and species at risk including grizzly bear, woodland caribou and wolverine.

The good news is that alternatives to Kimberly-Clark products exist. In fact, ancient forest friendly tissue products are already being sold in stores across North America. Tissue products containing high amounts of recycled fibre are of similar quality as virgin tree fibre products. As the demand for ancient forest friendly tissue products increases, the availability of these products will also continue to expand.

Demand that Kimberly-Clark:

• Stop destroying ancient forests like Canada’s Boreal.

• Maximize the use of recycled fibre in their tissue products.

• Stop producing tissue products made solely of virgin tree fibre.

To learn more about ancient forests and Kimberly-Clark visit

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