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Tsunami relief beyond the International Monetary Fund's and World Bank's agenda

Via Campesina

EMERGENCY: Please donate to Via Campesina Tsunami relief and
reconstruction fund

Via Campesina launches initiative to raise funds for self-help by affected

Please support fisherfolk and peasant communities in their own relief and
reconstruction from the Tsunami disaster

Via Campesina ( - the global alliance of
peasant, family farmer, farm worker, indigenous and landless peoples
organizations, and other rural movements - calls for solidarity with the
millions of people affected by the tsunami disaster and is launching a
global fundraising campaign to channel assistance to affected communities
of fisherfolk and peasants, for their own relief and reconstruction
efforts, through grassroots organizations.
We ask for your donation for direct emergency support to provide basic
needs of food, clean drinking water, shelter and health care to affected
fisherfolk and peasant families, as well as to help us initiate the long
term work of reconstructing our own communities and rebuilding our

Make a secure on-line credit card donation now by clicking on:

The relief philosophy of Via Campesina is that our communities should
participate actively and be the key actors in the re-construction process,
and that our fisherfolk and peasant organizations should play a key
mobilizing and supporting role.Via Campesina wants to give our communities
and organizations the political support they need in this process, and to
help get the funds we need for reconstruction. The funds raised in this
campaign will be used to strengthen local communities as the key actors in
this process.

The success of local, self-organized, civil society disaster relief
efforts in previous disasters in Latin America, Asia, and Africa,
contrasted with government inefficiency and top-down, demobilizing
programs, has often marked a key stage in the empowerment and growth of
large, popular, grassroots, civil society social movements by which
previously marginalized people take control of their own lives. Let us
work together at this time, and let us do so in ways that help build
self-sufficiency, grassroots organization, and peoples power for the

In addition to the millions who have been displaced or affected, many
tens of thousands have lost their homes and fishing equipment or farming
tools. Fisherfolk have lost their boats, and the land of peasant families
has been contaminated, their crops destroyed and their farm animals
lost.Your donation will help us get back on our feet.

Examples of actions already underway:

- In Indonesia, the National Federation of Indonesian Peasant
Organizations (FSPI), a member of Via Campesina, together with a
number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has created a civil
society relief team that is now working in Aceh (with an estimated 25,000
dead and many times more missing and/or homeless) and in North Sumatra
(5,000 dead) provinces to distribute supplies, and to carry out search and
rescue missions for missing people. The situation is dramatic, and at the
moment (30 Dec) there is no direct communication with many areas.

- In Sri Lanka, perhaps the country worst hit by the tsunamis, the
National Organization of Fisherfolk (NAFSO) has sent 5 teams to
affected areas for relief work and help communities start the task of
reconstruction. They have organized fact finding missions and are now
defining how to cope with the urgent relief needs while communities plan
and begin to carry the medium term work of rehabilitation.


1. If you are in Europe, you can deposit funds in the following account:

Account number: 3035 0022 4202 2005 5606
Beneficiary: Via Campesina-Honduras
IBAN code: ES23 3035 0022 4202 2005 5606
Bank: Caja Laboral
Bank address:Calle 8 de enero, Guernika, Pais Basco (Basque Country)
Tel: +34 94 625 0098
Fax: +34 94 625 6662

Please send an email alerting us of your donation to: nico.verhagen at

2.If you are in the United States (and/or have US dollar denominated
checks or money orders), and want to donate by mail:

Please make your check out to "Via Campesina/CENSA" and mail it to:

CENSA/Via Campesina
2288 Fulton Street, suite 103
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

3. If you want to make a bank wire transfer for the relief campaign, you
can wire funds to:
NOTE: the funds must be transferred to the First Union Bank in the
USA, where the Banco Grupo El Ahorro Hondureño (BGA) has an account. In
the communication with the transfer you have to put in the data of the

a. Data of the final Beneficiary Bank
- Bank: Banco Grupo El Ahorro Hondureño (BGA)
- Name of Beneficiary: Pedro Rafael Alegria, Maria Concepción
Betanco, Via Campesina
- Account Number at BGA: 107 108 6292
- Telephone: ( 504 ) 235-9915 and 239-4679
- Country and City: Honduras, Tegucigalpa M.D.C.

b. Data of the Bank in the USA
- Bank: First Union Bank (now called Wachovia)
- ABA Code 026005092
- Swift Code B/C: PNBP US 3N NYC
- Account Number: 2000192001436
- Name: Banco Grupo El Ahorro Hondureño (BGA)
Please send an email alerting us of your donation to:
viacampesina at

4. If you want to make a bank wire transfer for relief specifically in
Indonesia, you can wire funds to:
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Swift Bank Code: SCB LIDJ XAXXX
Address of Bank: Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 17 North Sumatera,
Indonesia. Account number : 047-1-005467-2
Name of Payee : Sintesa (Yayasan Sinar Tani Indonesia)

Please send an email to alert us of your donation to: ilubis at

Via Campesina (

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