Thursday, February 17, 2005

The 240 million tonne challenge

The Kyoto Protocol, ratified by Canada in December 2002 became law yesterday. This may be very beneficial for the whole planet. 141 countries around the world have pledged to work together to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.

But the government of Canada has yet to put forward an effective, coherent plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If Canadian greenhouse gas emissions continue as usual, emissions will rise to 810 million tonnes per year by 2010 - 30% above the country's legally binding Kyoto target of 570 Mt, leaving a 240 million tonne/yr gap. The government has called on individual citizens to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne per year - 20% of the average individual emissions.

But the largest polluters haven't been asked to do their part. So far, the government of Canada has relied mainly on voluntary measures that have been largely ignored by big business. Half of greenhouse gas emissions are from large industrial polluters, but the government is reportedly reducing their reduction target from 55 to 45 million tonnes per year - about 10 % of expected industrial emissions. The government may also back off on its commitment to improve the fuel efficiency of new vehicles by 25 percent by 2010.

That is why the people in Canada have to ask the elected officials to take The 240 Million Tonne Challenge.

Click on the following links to visit the Greenpeace Canada website to send a free fax to your Member of Parliament:
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