Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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Joe Volpe: Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Jean-Edmonds Tower South, 21st Floor
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Subject: Palestinian Refugees Facing Deportation from Canada

Dear Minister Volpe:

This letter is being sent in response to a call from the Coalition Against
the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees in Canada. In recognition of the
recent decision of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, to grant a positive
decision on the Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds Claim of the Ayoub
family, I continue to call upon Immigration Minister, Joe Volpe and CIC to
immediately halt the pending deportation of over 100 Palestinian refugees
and immediately grant them all status in Canada.

The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are forbidden from owning property,
working in over 70 professions, receiving proper health care, and moving
and traveling freely. These are only a few of the persecutory measures and
discriminatory restrictions the Palestinian refugees have to face.
Moreover, the intensified mistreatment of Palestinian refugees inside the
camps has left their lives in real and immediate peril.

Those Palestinians who have escaped the dire situation in the Occupied
Territories, face daily terror at the hands of the Israeli state, which
continues to enforce a deadly and illegal military occupation of

Palestinian refugees from the Occupied Territories have fled from the
killings, extra-judicial assassinations, house demolitions, illegal
arrests, trials without evidence, torture, land confiscation, and constant

I write this letter also to draw attention to the crisis of deportation
facing Palestinian refugees in Montreal, who have been forced by
Immigration Canada to live underground and live without status in Canada,
who after being stateless Palestinian refugees all their lives, have again
been forced by the Canadian government into a life of stateless limbo.

Given this context I am writing you in support of the demands of the
Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees that Citizenship
and Immigration Canada:

1) Immediately stop the deportations of Palestinian refugees.
2) Immediately regularize the status of all Palestinian refugees in Canada



Paul Martin, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada:
Fax: 613 941 6900

Michel Dorais, Deputy Minister of Immigration Canada:
Fax: 613 954 3509 or 613 954 5448

Rene D'Aoust, Immigration Canada Director of
Investigation & Removals:
Phone: 514 496-1238,
Fax: 514 496-1882

Monique Leclair, Director General
Immigration Canada Quebec Regional Office:
Fax: 514 496-3976

Andrew Telegdi: Chair of Standing Committee on
Citizenship & Immigration

Bill Siksay: NDP, Immigration Critic

Meili Faille, (Bloc Quebecois, Immigration Critic)

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