Saturday, July 16, 2005

Campaign to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

It's crucial that the public realize that the fight to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska from oil and gas drilling is not over. With that in mind, a broad coalition of religious, conservation and other organizations recently launched "Arctic Refuge Action," a summer-long national grassroots and media campaign to save the refuge. The final vote in US Congress that will decide the fate of the refuge will likely be in September. Please visit to keep updated on the events of the campaign. In the meantime we could all send emails to our MLAs, MPs and the PM as well.



Dear Prime Minister Paul Martin,

I strongly urge you to make public your opposition to the drilling of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is nothing more than an unacceptable sneak attack on Arctic wildlife. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge is not a path to energy independence or lower gas prices. The United States Geological Survey estimates that the Refuge has less than a single year's supply of oil that would not reach the market for at least 10 years. The harm to wildlife, and to the greatest wildlife refuges on the planet, would be irreparable. People of conscience need to band together to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, for the future, and for the traditional and environmentally-integral livelihoods of the indigenous and rural populations of the Arctic. Please take a stand on this issue, for the sake of all the living beings who depend on that land.

[your name]

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