Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Two simple actions

Hassan Almrei is asking friends and supporters to contact the Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to demand that he get an hour outside of his cell every day to walk. After all, it's doctor's orders. Email Monte Kwinter, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services at CC correspondence to

Call Kimberly-Clark’s toll-free customer service line today. Call the number below right now and let the company know that their forest crimes won’t pay, because you’re going to stop buying their products until they change their ways. Kimberly-Clark customer service numbers:
Canada and USA: 1-800-544-1847 (between 9 am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time, weekdays)
After hours Canada and USA call and leave a message at for: 1-972-281-1200
Other countries: Click here for list
Consider using the statements below for your phone call:
• I would like to comment on some of the tissue products that Kimberly-Clark is producing
• I am unhappy that Kleenex brand tissue products are made from clearcut ancient forests and have no recycled fibre in them whatsoever.
• Please consider maximizing the use of recycled fibre in the tissue products sold in local grocery stores like the one I shop at in [your city name]
• Kimberly-Clark is not practicing sustainable forestry and I will not be buying Kimberly-Clark products until such a time as they improve their business practices.
• Corporations like Kimberly-Clark should be more environmentally responsible by producing tissue products that are ancient forest friendly. Kleenex brand tissue products are not forest friendly.

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