Friday, November 04, 2005

The Civic Environment Committee

Please write to the Mayor and councillors at city hall to show your support for the Civic Environment Committee.

You will find Winnipeg councillors addresses here:

You can send a message directly to the mayor of Winnipeg here:

Just click on "Mayor's Mailbox."


Mel said...

I'm sick of committees. Have you been watching what Katz is doing? Take Rapid Transit: He assigned his opponents to a committee to study a topic we already had a report for, they got tied up in paperwork for 12 months, and at the end of it all the report was shelved. The CEC's report was accepted in principal, but when it came time to act on it? The official mayoral vehicle is a Prius; following inauguration Katz insisted on driving his own SUV. Rapid Transit has been blocked and Katz is still trying to scheme the RT money into pro-car initiatives. Waverley West is being built. We're still fogging, not only that but citizens who object have lost their right to a buffer zone. The committee does have $10,000 allocated for community green initiatives, but the grant criteria puts publicity ops on equal footing with actual impact.

Signed the petition anyway. It's still important to weigh in, and I will, but "" is dealt with by clerks - the mayor's phone and address are private.

Timothy said...

Yes, Katz is a dinosaur.

Mel said...

A T-rex.

Mel said...