Saturday, November 26, 2005

Which one do you prefer?


I am concerned about Canada's water. Privatization, bulk water exports, and massive bottled water operations are threatening the future of our water. Your government must reinvest in our public water systems, stop water diversions, exclude water from all trade deals, and act to stop the environmentally damaging practices of water bottling operations and other industrial water takers. Moreover, a comprehensive National Water Act must be developed to declare water a human right and protect our water from these increasing threats.


I believe that water is a sacred gift that connects all life. Its value to the common good must take priority over commercial interests. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, private companies are taking control of public water services. Privatization of water resources is also increasing elsewhere in the world, including North america. This turns a common good into a commodity, depriving those who cannot pay and further threatening local ecosystems.
I call on the Government of Canada, nationally and internationally, to ensure access to clean water for all, now and for future generations by:

  • Supporting publicly or cooperatively controlled water services that have genuine community participation;
  • Opposing measures in federal, bilateral or multilateral agreements and policies that promote the privatization of water services; and
  • Protecting and preserving natural sources of water.


Marie-Soleil said...

I think the second one is more powerful. I also like how you clearly stated your concerns.

Timothy said...

N.B. the 1st letter was actually written by the Council of Canadians and the 2nd was written by Development and Peace, which is a Canadian Catholic organisation.