Saturday, February 11, 2006

A letter by Soleil


Dear Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister Of Agriculture

I am writing about my enthusiam for the ALUS program. Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS) is an ecological goods and services program propsal that recognizes the value of conserving and restoring Canada’s natural capital while respecting and rewarding the important role that farmers play in environmental management. A mix of public and private ownership of resources exists on private land, so the stewardship of natural capital and environmental resources must be a shared responsibility of governments and landowners. Due to this shared nature, environmental services should be cost-shared with producers. Farmers should receive annual payments or other forms of compensation to deliver and maintain environmental services. ALUS is an environmental goods and services delivery program that uses a “fee- for service” concept to provide environmental benefits to all Canadians. ALUS is designed to provide these benefits at a fair market value, and will not provide environmental subsidies that artificially increase farm incomes. I encourage the Canadian government to support the ALUS program which would benefit all Canadians. I look forward to hearing about your plans regarding the ALUS program.


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