Friday, February 17, 2006



Re: Abdelkader Belaouni

Dear Minister Solberg,

I am sending you this message in solidarity with the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni. In order to avoid deportation, Mr. Abdelkader Belaouni has found sanctuary in St. Gabriel's Church in Point St. Charles, Montreal. In your new capacity as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, you must take immediate action on this case (as outlined below). Since moving to Montreal nearly three years ago, Mr. Belaouni has worked hard to achieve a life of dignity, autonomy and security for himself. However, as is the case of many thousands of other non-status people living in this country, Immigration Canada left Abdelkader no choice, but to defy his deportation order and take sanctuary. Owing to the significant contributions, and strong connections, he has made to his community and Montreal, Abdelkader has seen an outpouring of support from Montreal-based organizations and countless individuals since taking sanctuary. While confined to the rooms of St. Gabriel's Church for already more than one month, his struggle against deportation and for status continues. I support Abdelkader Belaouni's demand that the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada immediately regularize his status, and make a meeting with him and his support committee. As the Minister of Citizenship and Immigrations, you have the power to grant him permanent resident status on humanitarian grounds. I therefore urge you to grant Mr. Abdelkader Belaouni status in Canada immediately.


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