Monday, March 27, 2006

From the paper

"... The march was supported by the Canada-Haiti Action Network and a group dedicated to stopping Operation Charging Bison, a military urban warfare training exercise scheduled for Winnipeg April 30 through May 6. Approximately 500 soldiers, from 38 Canadian Brigade Group, will participate in the seven-day exercise that will simulate modern urban battlefields in Afghanistan. Yesterday's protest was supposed to be a trial run for a larger demonstration against a three-day international gathering in Winnipeg of business leaders and politicians originally scheduled to begin May 31. But the $8-million tab for security has forced Manitoba to withdraw as host of the North American Summit Hemispheria. Mayor Sam Katz wasn't surprised at the provincial pullout. "That was a lot of money for security," Katz said yesterday from Tucson, where he's looking at how the Arizona city operates a combined fire-paramedic service. "The city will still be hosting the Big City Summit and the mayor of Kansas City will be in Winnipeg to discuss the trade corridor," said Katz. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani will be the keynote speaker at the two-day gathering beginning May 3..."

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Mel said...

"Citizen participation

"It is important that the Winnipeg Summit have input from many citizens and many areas of activity. For that reason, organizers are devising many ways for the involvement/participation of people who will not be able to attend because of limited space."

Limited space? Sure. It goes on to suggest that we email the organizers, comment in their (moderated, I tried) blog, or participate in their poll about what makes Winnipeg great.