Tuesday, March 14, 2006

With all due respect to Canadian Men & Women representing our Military on foreign soil, we join with those who want your safety and prompt return.

Group says "NO" to urban warfare training.
Opposes 'Operation Bison.'

Concerned citizens have formed a group, “Stop Charging Bison,” to oppose urban warfare training exercises scheduled to take place in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) April 30 to May 6 this year. “We are shocked that Mayor Katz has not consulted people about holding these exercises in Winnipeg,” said Kristen Andrews, a group spokesperson. “We are calling on City Council to revoke the invitation to use Winnipeg as a training area for urban warfare, and we are calling on the Minister of Defence personally to cancel the exercises.” “These exercises will train the Canadian military for places like Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq”, said Steph Steele, another spokesperson. “We’re told that they’re in those places to bring peace and security; to help rebuild nations. Then why are we training our “peacekeepers” to use violence, to kill, to be part of an attack force? We’re opposing these war games because we don’t believe in what these soldiers are training for.” "These excercises are training for the suppression of people defending their own land in foreign and domestic territories. No one should be subjected to the occupation of their land by these powers", said Ari Aisensee, another spokesperson. “It is ironic that the name of the exercise is Charging Bison,” said Cheryl-Anne Carr, another spokesperson. “One of the first measures of the colonial occupiers of Manitoba was to kill nearly all the Bison, as a way of eliminating resistance by Aboriginal peoples. “Urban warfare training anywhere in Winnipeg is certain to cause trauma to children and refugees with bitter experiences of warfare in their home countries,” said Andrews. “We are a diverse, and growing group, we will support initiatives in the community to oppose the exercises,” said Carr. The group’s meetings are held every Monday evening at the University of Winnipeg, and everyone is welcome. For meeting details, contact the group at 786-6818

For Information or Interviews,
contact Kristen Andrews 942-7992
Cheryl-Anne Carr 233-7116
Ari Aisensee 786-6818
Steph Steele 772-5703

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