Friday, June 23, 2006

being unwell enough to not go to the theatre...

Anarchism: The principles or practice of anarchy, or anarchists.

Sir Edward Dering,. 1642. A collection of speeches in matters of religion: p 153

"This Bill..will prove the mother of absolute Anarchisme."

Thomas Blount. 1656. Glossographia, or a dictionary interpreting such hard are now used.

"Anarchism, the Doctrine, Positions or Art of those that teach anarchy; also the being itself of the people without a Prince or Ruler."

Sir C. Dilke. 1882. Daily News 3 July 2/6

"Russian Nihilism, German Social Democracy, and French Anarchism were, in a high degree, the children of Protection."

G. B. Shaw. 1893. The Impossibilities of Anarchism.

J. A. Estey. 1913. Revolutionary Syndicalism v. 128

"The ‘veritable abyss’, which separates the ideal of Anarchism (i.e. philosophic Anarchism) from the ideal of Syndicalism."

New Statesman. 1962 7 Sept. 287/1

"His method is to examine the ‘Family Tree’ of anarchism, with its roots in Lao-Tse, Zeno and the Essenes."

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