Saturday, June 10, 2006



Dear Prime Minister Harper and Minister Hearn,

I believe that you should taking actions that ensure the future health and integrity of ocean ecosystems.

To protect deep-sea biodiversity from continued indiscriminate destruction, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) ought to adopt an immediate moratorium on deep-sea bottom trawl fishing, until legally binding regimes for the effective conservation and management of international fisheries and the protection of biodiversity can be developed, implemented, and enforced.

The severe and deteriorating conflict between biodiversity conservation and bottom trawling warrants urgent action by the UNGA this year. A high seas bottom trawl fishing moratorium would provide immediate protection to the extraordinarily rich, vulnerable (and mostly undiscovered) deep-sea biodiversity.

As a representative of the people in Canada, you ought to support the UN resolution for a moratorium on bottom trawling on the high seas seamount at the upcoming UNGA meeting in November 2006 and show the world that Canada is serious about sustainability and the future well-being of ocean ecosystems.

Thank you. Please advise me of your position on this issue.


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