Tuesday, October 31, 2006

General Consulate of Mexico

Commerce Court West
199 Bay Street, suite 4440
Toronto ON M5L 1E9

Trade Commission of Mexico
1 Dundas St. West
Suite 2110, P.O. Box 11
Toronto ON M5G 1Z3

I eagerly await reparations for the injustices done to the citizens of Oaxaca. I ask you to take the measures necessary to put an end to the violent situation. Since Brad Will was shot, I have been observing the situation, and I am in solidarity with the people in their fight. I believe that the Mexican government is responsible for what happened on October 27, in the city of Oaxaca. I think that they have a responsibility to protect their citizens. I am appalled by the brutality that transpired:

  • At least three people were shot dead, include to Brad Will, a journalist with American Indymedia.
  • Thirty people were wounded, including: 25-year-old Francisco Angeles (son of a teacher of Cuicatlan), Martín Olivera Ortíz (wounded in the leg), Guillermo Garci'a de Zaachila (wounded in the back), and 25-year-old Enedino Cross Sanchez (hand was shot).
  • An undetermined number of people are missing.
  • Armed men surrounded the house of the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca and threatened members.
  • Groups paid by the authorities are shooting the civil populace in the street.

This situation ought not intensify in any violent way. I do not support the intervention of police forces in the city, which only oppress the activities of people and organizations who denounce their undemocratic policies. For these reasons I demand:

  • The immediate resignation of Ulises Ruiz.
  • The freedom of political prisoners.
  • The immediate return of the disappeared.
  • That the Mexican authorities return to engage in a dialogue with the APPO to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.
  • The immediate end of any attacks on the Oaxaqueña population.

Any information of your undertakings to fulfill these requests would be appreciated.


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