Friday, October 27, 2006

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(I don't know if the Canadian military - such as it is - ought to be anywhere. I am of the opinion that the Canadian military ought to be made up of artists, concert pianists, contortionists, eco-feminists, medical doctors, etc. I think burly teenagers with guns are poor ambassadors abroad.)

Canada has all but abandoned peacekeeping according to “
Marching Orders,” a new report released by the Council of Canadians today. Launched at a press conference in Charlottetown, where the organization is holding its 21st annual general meeting, the report shows how the mission in Afghanistan has compromised Canada’s role as a leader in peacekeeping. “Canada has failed in its peacekeeping role, not by accident, but by choice,” says John Urquhart, executive director of the Council of Canadians. “Increasingly Canadians are beginning to see that Canada is in the wrong missionin Afghanistan.” According to the report, Canada has invested tremendous resources in the counter insurgency operation in Afghanistan at a time when UN peacekeeping is on the rise. Once a top contributor to UN peacekeeping missions, Canada is now on par with the tiny state of Mali with only 56 soldiers currently involved in UN missions. “Canada is freeloading on the UN,” says Steven Staples, author of the report. “Yet the evidence shows that UN missions are far more effective in resolving conflicts than U.S. missions, and the UN needs Canada now more than ever.” The Council of Canadians is demanding that the Canadian government set itself the goal of once again being among the top-10 global contributors of military personnel to UN operations within five years. “Canadians want their government and military engaged in resolving international conflicts, not exacerbating them,” says Urquhart. Steven Staples will be speaking in communities across Canada about the findings of this new report.


The WWF's Living Planet Report.

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