Monday, February 13, 2012

Reposting my post from McGill University's discussion blog

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I'm sure people with positions in the McGill University hierarchy will want to protect their gains and the comforts of their elevated positions.

However, we need to abandon the insensitive & rigid traditional hierarchical structure.

We have been disappointed too many times by the collusion of elites in the hierarchy with economic and military actors who have been too destructive and too guilty of the chaos into which our society, economy, and ecology are descending.

We need an adaptive and intelligent institution that receives information from its members, by sensitive and non-hierarchical communication. This means that what have been institutional decisions at the highest level must be made non-hierarchically, collectively.

We need Reason to chart our course and not Capital.

We need an institution that doesn't merely purport to be ethical, but actually IS ethical.

If McGill doesn't become more sensitive and adaptive in this way, it won't have much of a future.

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