Friday, February 24, 2012

How very long it has been since I posted 2 things in 1 day


Dear Editor of The Montreal Chronicle: I'm disappointed by the Public Safety Minister's comments in the House of Commons last week. He accused Francis Scarpaleggia - and perhaps all of us - of "siding with the child pornographers." In any case, as can be seen by the perpetually hacked status of the FBI and Interpol websites by Anonymous et al., law enforcers simply aren't as savvy as they are frequently & fictitiously portrayed. In any case, according to a poll by the government's privacy commissioner, 8 out of 10 Canadians oppose legislation that would grant authorities warrantless access to our private information. Such detailed surveillance of the citizenry would require an enormous number of spies, and as such it would necessarily be prohibitively expensive. More than mere apology for his comments, which would be warranted, I would like to see Minister Toews resign. (In my opinion, Harper's Conservatives ought to be drummed out of town altogether.) At the very least, the Canadian government ought to commit to abandon any online spying legislation. They ought to commit to removing the warrantless access provisions in the legislation, insert privacy safeguards and enforcement, and provide a clear plan to offset the estimated $80,000,0000 this will cost Canadian families and businesses. I encourage everybody to join the 112,000+ people who have already voiced their opposition to Bill C-30 by signing the Stop Online Spying petiton at


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