Friday, September 09, 2005

Recipes for reclamation

Seed Balls


5 parts dry red clay, finely powdered and sifted

3 parts dry compost mix, which ought to include: a source of carbon such as chopped straw, dead leaves, woodchips, etc.; and a source of nitrogen such as composted vegetable matter and/or composted manure

1 to 2 parts water with some yogurt, and fresh and dirty indigenous roots, minced

1 part dry seeds of all kinds

In a large flat container, add all seeds and mix thoroughly. Cover the mixture with dry compost. In large batches layer the mixture with dry clay, mix well. Layer the mixture with minced roots. Gradually add water until the mixture reaches a malleable consistency. Roll into pennies until polymerization is felt. Sun dry seed balls on a tarp for at least 24 hours. Store in a cool, ventilated place, or apply immediately, do not bury. Recommended densities:

  • Scatter at least 10 seed pennies per square meter
  • At least 0.20 g seeds per penny,
  • or 2 g seeds per square meter.

Moss Graffiti
(serves to create several small pieces or 1 large piece of graffiti)

1 can of beer
1/2 teaspoon sugar
several clumps garden moss

plastic container (with lid)


Gather together several clumps of moss and crumble them into a blender. Add the beer and sugar and blend just long enough to create a smooth, creamy consistency. Pour the mixture into a plastic container. Find a suitable damp and shady wall on to which you can apply your moss mixture. Paint your chosen design onto the wall (either free-hand or using a stencil). If possible try to return to the area over the following weeks to ensure that the mixture is kept moist.


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