Thursday, September 01, 2005

Two things



Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
18th floor, 25 Grosvenor Street
Toronto ON M7A 1Y6

Minister of Public Safety and EmergencyPreparedness
Sir Wilfred Laurier Blvd. 13th Floor
340 Laurier Ave.
Ottawa ON K1A 0P8

Dear Monte Kwinter and Anne McLellan,

Secret trial Detainee Hassan Almrei is now on day 71 of his hunger-strike. After almost four years in solitary confinement without charge, held on secret evidence, all Almrei is currently asking for is the same conditions as federal prisoners: one hour outside his cell per day; the right to wear normal clothes instead of an orange jumpsuit; radio and tv. Things that would make it slightly easier for him as he awaits the conclusion of lengthy legal processes which will determine the legality of indefinite detention, deportation to torture, and denial of bail. Hassan is in constant pain. He cannot lie down because his ribs are so sore. He does not have the strength to stand or walk. He is afraid to sleep now for fear he will not wake up. His body, like his life, is rapidly running out of options.

Secret trial detainee Mohammad Mahjoub is on day 57 of a hunger strike, also demanding minimally decent conditions of detention, including contact visits with his two young children, as he awaits numerous court decisions similar to Hassan's. He is weak and has lost a great deal of weight.

I support Hassan Almrei and Mohammad Mahjoub. Both men are held under the secret trial security certificate at Metro West Detention Centre in Toronto. I am contacting both of you, because each of you has claimed that the other is responsible. Neither of you has done anything, but you could so easily make the decision to provide the prisoners with their simple and fully justified demands. Please enable these men to end their hunger strikes!


[your name, address, and phone number]


Look at what Chris Ramasroop is doing:

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