Thursday, September 29, 2005


I am emailing you because people in Canada ought to have a choice between conventionally- and organically-grown food. To provide this choice, Canada must provide a place for organic crops to grow, free from genetic contamination. Prince Edward Island is the ideal place for this purpose.
Please ban genetically engineered crops on Prince Edward Island, eliminate genetically altered animal feeds, ban genetically engineered fish, institute mandatory GMO labelling, adopt policies to foster ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture, especially perennial polycultures, publicize the GE-Free Zone, and encourage other governments to follow suit.
The proclamation of a GE-Free Zone by your government would protect and revitalize PEI agriculture, by meeting the growing demand for non-genetically engineered food. In effect, you are enabling PEI to find a niche in world markets. In this regard, the European market, which represents annual sales of over 1.6 billion Canadian dollars, offers a particularly relevant example: over 80% of the major food retailers and processors have introduced policies favourable to GE-free products. This market represents a very real commercial potential for PEI farmers.
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