Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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It saddens me greatly to learn that moose are an endangered species on mainland Nova Scotia. Surely it is a breach of our moral and ethical responsibilities as stewards of such a beautiful country to have let the plight of our native wildlife get to such critical levels. I hope you will use your term of leadership to seriously address these important issues.

A species as historically and ecologically important as moose will likely provide a true test of your administration's commitment to wildlife, their habitat and overall forest health. Many key indicators of the quality of human life, such as water quality and quantity, recreational opportunities, and sustainable local economies are linked to this issue of habitat protection for wildlife. In this regard, the moose is the canary in the coal mine.

I understand that there are several factors affecting mainland moose, including habitat destruction, disease, poaching, and climate change. I believe that of these, habitat destruction is the most fundamental. Aside from allowing opportunities to expand their numbers and range, improving the habitat conditions for moose can also improve their health, reduce poaching and provide some buffer against climate change. Furthermore, if we could restore mainland moose to healthy levels by improving habitat conditions, many other species who share that habitat are also likely to benefit.

I hope that you will direct the Department of Natural Resources to make every effort to protect and restore the mainland moose population, and provide them with the resources needed to do the job.

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