Saturday, April 01, 2006


Subject: Please Stop The Planned Expansion of Camp Humphreys (K-6)! Do not steal this land from the farmers of Daechuri!

Daechuri, South Korea, villagers and other farming communities near Pyeongtaek, are being forcibly evicted due to U.S. military base realignment in Asia. After a long struggle against the Korean government’s attempts to take their homes, the villagers declared Daechuri autonomous, and renounced their Korean citizenship. I hope you will listen to the villagers from Daechuri. I am opposed to the employment of violence by U.S. and South Korean government against the village. Amnesty International has become involved in the struggle, and I hope you will be moved to action on behalf of the villagers. There are many creative and peaceful solutions to this situation. Violence is not required.

In 1952, the villagers of Daechuri left their homes empty-handed, save for the rice and flour handed out by the U.S. Daechuri villagers refer to the base runway at Camp Humphreys, which used to be part of the village, as "old Daechuri".

Today, all of Daechuri and the surrounding land is government property. According to the National Property Act [Article 58], illegal use of government property will result in 2 years imprisonment and hard labor, or a fine of at least $7,000. For the residents, simply living in their homes, farming their lands, is a crime.

The time has come for you to make a statement in support of the villagers. Please, do not let this land become part of a U. S. military base.


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