Saturday, April 22, 2006


Re: Issam Al-Yamani

Dear Stephen Harper,

Stop the deportation from Canada of Issam Al-Yamani. Issam Al-Yamani is a stateless Palestinian refugee, long time Palestinian and human rights activist and a respected member of the Arab community in Canada. Canadian authorities recently issued a deportation order on Issam, asking him to leave Canada on Thursday, 20 April 2006. The deportation of Issam Al-Yamani is the most recent example of attempts to silence and deport Palestinian refugees in Canada. Issam has lived peacefully in Canada for over 20 years. All those who know him attest to his tireless efforts on behalf of the Palestinian and Arab community in Mississauga and Toronto. Issam graduated from York University and he has two Canadian born children currently attending high school and university. Issam was issued an immigrant visa by Canadian officials in Amman, Jordan on March 21, 1984. He was subsequently granted permanent resident status on arrival in Canada on April 27, 1985. On May 17, 1988, Issam Al-Yamani applied for Canadian citizenship. Since that time, Canadian authorities have been attempting to deport Issam due to his previous political affiliations with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). For the last 21 years, Issam and his family have called Canada their home. Please put a stop to this unfair and immoral action. Issam's father was one of the founding members of the PFLP. He grew up in a community committed to the self determination for Palestinians. Because of his father, Issam came to know many persons in the Palestinian leadership. Issam had previously been a member of the political wing of the PFLP but severed all ties in 1991. He has never engaged in or been in any way involved with acts of violence.

Please grant Issam Al-Yamani permanent status in Canada.


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Anonymous said...

Terrorists - come to Canada! Lots of lefties will love ya!

Timothy said...

Anarchism is neither Left nor Right, but Forward. Keep in mind that the love of anarchists in Canada is not limited to the love of terrorists. We love every animal with a backbone.

Sophia said...

I just came across the blog. I am concerned by what might have happened to issam.