Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cell phone, radio, and television towers act as mass killing machines for migratory songbirds, 5 to 50 million per year.

So, on Monday, tomorrow, I will abandon my cell phone and hook up the land line.

Here's what turned me on to this issue: via David Malkoff's article "Faulty Towers" from the September-October 2001 issue of the magazine Audubon. This was cited in endgame by Derrick Jensen.

I think Derrick Jensen is the cat's pajamas, the cat's meow, the icing on the cake, and the best thing since sliced bread.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I'm not sure going to a landline will help. Much of "landline" transmission is actually done by microwave towers which, I think, are an equal threat to what these other towers present.

You may want to look into it some more before taking that plunge.

Timothy said...

The deed is done.

Timothy said...