Monday, February 12, 2007

Defenders of the Boreal Forest charged with mischief

The snowy coniferous forest that encircles the North, the Boreal, is the lung of the planet Earth. The Earth depends on the Boreal Forest to capture carbon and provide habitat and biodiversity. The Earth needs biodiversity to be able to stay in balance and survive climatic crises. The Boreal Forest is the most precious jewel in Canada. We ought to defend and protect the Boreal, for the continued practice of environmentally sustainable and traditional livelihoods, and the wellbeing of us all.

David Sone, Leah Henderson, Chrissy Swain, Bonny Swain, and Adrienne Swain have been protecting the Boreal Forest. It is a travesty that they are facing now charges of mischief. It is only by their excellent work that any awareness of the sanctity of the land has been communicated to the average Canadian. They have fought for the land around Grassy Narrows to be preserved. They have asked the government to put an end to the decadent and wasteful clear-cutting industry that encroaches, unwelcome, upon Grassy Narrows land.

Historically, the Government of Canada has made the people of Grassy Narrows move long distances for no good reason. The Government has allowed mercury poisoning without meaningful compensation. The Government only further insults and defiles any kind of respectful or friendly relationship with Grassy Narrows by allowing industrial clear-cutting in the area.

The medicinal herbs and plants that grow in the forest immediately around Grassy Narrows provide the people with healing and a sustainable way of life. The animals that inhabit that forest can also provide Grassy Narrows people with livelihoods. The clear-cutting must stop.

All charges against David Sone, Leah Henderson, Chrissy Swain, Bonny Swain, and Adrienne Swain ought to be dropped immediately. They have been doing what every person in Canada ought to have been doing, if we only were so fearless. If only we were all people of integrity.

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